Other Disney Characters

Here you will find all the different Mousecellaneous antenna toppers that Disney has made.

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Fabric Goofy Hat, Swinging Goofy (Very Rare), Cast Member Exclusive Goofy Head

Cast Member Exclusive Donald & Pluto Head

Swinging Stitch (Very Rare). Safari Swinging Stitch, Santa Stitch, Easter Egg Stitch,

New Years, Bell Hop and just plain ol' Stitch.

Swinging Nemo & Bruce - Disney Store Foam Nemo

New Princess Crown from WDW

Bambi & Thumper from the DS

Pirates of the Caribbean—Disneyland & WDW

Aladdin—Disney California Adventures

Castle — WDW & Disneyland

Cars from Cars: Lightning McQueen, Suzy Porsche, Tow Mater, Luigi

Nightmare Before Christmas—Santa Jack, Plain Jack, Jack WDW, HKDL Jack, DS Jack, Disneyland Jack, Plastic Heads, Shock & Zero

ESPN Zone Screaming Baseball & ESPN Ball

ABC Happy Hour Promotion

Test Track Car from WDW

Grizzly Peak—Disney California Adventures

Monster’s Inc.— Mike Eye by Pixar, Mike Eye by Disney, Mike full body Cast members Exclusive

Muppets  -  Kermit, Fozzie & Animal

This foam Tinkerbell topper was put out by HotTopic, The other at the Disney Theme Parks

Figment from Journey Into Your Imagination at EPCOT

The Incredible’s. A Pixar & Disney animated feature

This topper was made for WDW 20th anniversary. It is very rare.

Indian Jones Fedora from Disneyland

Binford Tools Hard Hat from Disney MGM

Herbie Fully Loaded—Released when the movie came out as a promotional item.


Pirate Flag form the Disney Theme Parks


Chicken Little, Disney's first computer animated movie.

Grumpy from Disneyland

Pirate Skull from the DS

WDW Grad 2007 & Minnie with Pink Sparkle Bow

Meet the Robinson's - Disney Store 2007

Spaceship Earth from EPCOT

These boxed toppers are sold at WalMart, Walgrens & other similar outlets.

These are keychains that resemble our beloved antenna toppers. They are about 1 inch in diameter.

This pink glitter Mickey is from a seller in the UK.

It is not one sold officially by Disney.

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